Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers


Downline Builder Elite
With a low cost yearly upgrade you can get...
10,500 credits and 23,500 banners AND texts at selected Traffic Exchanges. PLUS 50,000 credits, banners and texts at selected Mailers. EVERY SINGLE MONTH.

Rocket Responder
One of the easiest to use and most powerful responders on the market today.
One price level of $20 a month(30 days FREE trial) for UNLIMITED subscribers, you can't go wrong if you are building a list.

Truck Load of Ads
With a one-time fee($10), you can unlock exclusive Promo Codes for traffic
and mailer credits plus Banner and Text ads.

 Track all your ads from one place, no matter how many sites you advertise on.
Update your ads from one place, without logging into each advertising source.
See which ads are getting you results, so you can send more traffic their way.
No Limits on how many hits you can track for just $9 a month or $90 a year.
30 days FREE trial.

Viral Traffic Games
Compete in tournaments and quests, while surfing your favourite exchanges
or reading at your favourite mailers. Build your downline and win cash.
Oh yeah, it's fun!!
A free site with optional upgrade.