Prize Clickers

Prize Clickers

Saturday, 17 February 2018

PIFe - Update and New Info

PIFe Update
After more than a year since I introduced PIFexplosion to this blog,
where is it now....................



Is it still a good site?


I'm pleased to say that it is still there, advertising gets clicks,
support gets answered and crucially it is still PAYING ON TIME.

The cost is still a ridiculously low $4.90 - one time(plus a small
fee, depends on your processor - STP is 0.37c).
Any changes?

Not many, which is good. Since there wasn't anything wrong with
the program, the only changes have been positive.

1. Two additional payment processors to take it to four available.

Solid Trust Pay

*Use BitCoin, get a 10% discount.

2. A few of the menu headings have changed place but you will
probably not notice.

3. For every $1 spent at PIFe, you will get 200 credits at All4Pro
for FREE.

PIFe Guides Updated

Part 1 to 7 PIFe Guide/FAQ - CLICK HERE

I looked over the seven part guide I made last year and have
now updated it fully.

If there is anything that you feel hasn't been addressed above,
get in touch and I will make a part eight....nine...ten... :)


PIFexplosion - BannerAdBlaster - CoinPressions2

If you haven't yet, join the three programs above for free and
wait for a special offer coming in the next few days.


Until later!

David. :)

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

XP Winners - February 13th.

XPFeb13 Some XP given out tonight.

Monica W - 25,000

Michel S - 10,000
Paul W - 10,000
Roland K - 10,000
Candis L - 10,000

David. :)

Sunday, 11 February 2018

XP Winners - February 11th.

XPFeb11 Some XP given out tonight....more to come soon.

Catharina J - 25,000
Stephane S - 10,000
Elizabeth D - 10,000
Shannon D - 10,000
Bud M - 10,000
Eugene B - 10,000
Chris D - 10,000
Norbert L - 10,000

David. :)

Saturday, 10 February 2018

February Update 1

Feb Update
Update on Faucets......XP coming......updated program info........


Watching(and why)

Bit Lucky - waiting for payout

Removed(and why)

Bitaler - zeroed accounts and 500,000 to withdraw to an external
wallet(about 5 thousand years. lol).

BitCoin Bow - similar to the above.

BTC for everyone/LiteCoin Faucet/Doge Faucet - all empty and
from the same owner.

Dayuzarce - site no longer working.

Faucets - Quick Claim page will remain but individual faucet pages
will be removed. As claim amounts change almost daily, it seems
pointless to update these pages constantly.

XP Coming

I will be checking into CTP this weekend and next. If you are still
active in Teams, you may get a small or large XP gift. :)

Updated and new Program Info

Updates on older programs like PIFexplosion, BannerAdBlaster,
and MyFreeShares.

Information on a new program - CoinPressions2.

Information on "never joined before, time to test them" older
programs like WordLinx and Rotate4All.

All the above programs have a banner on the right, if you want
to check them out.


Until later, have a great weekend!

David. :)

Monday, 9 October 2017

XP Winners.

Faucets Update Some XP given out in the last few days....more to come.

Darran O N - 50,000
Michel S - 50,000
Roland K - 20,000
Meredith B - 20,000
Bud M - 50,000
Shannon D - 20,000
Jeff S - 50,000

Congrats and hope it helped. :)


Thursday, 28 September 2017

Faucets Update(Quick Claim page done).

Faucets Update Update on Faucets......

Removed(and why)

Virtual Pub - great site and a paying one but it takes too long
to earn anything meaningful. If you have hours to spend each
day, BitFun would be a better choice.

Fish Bit - lost their AdSense account and have been paying from
past earnings. Still active but the future is uncertain and since it
takes an age to get enough for a payout, I'll cut my losses(time).

Box Doge and Box LiteCoin - as Fish Bit above(same owners)

BagLiteCoin - expired domain. A shame really as the site was
good and paid in the past.

Dance Faucet - increased withdrawal minimum to 100,000. 

David. :)

State of Play

state of play Hope everyone is getting ready for a great weekend.

It has been some time since I posted here but I like to post
when there is something to say, rather than posting just for
the sake of it.

With the demise of many TE's/Mailers/PTC's, I took a step
back from all of it.
As I was only ever here for the fun of it
and to reward people, no point in hanging around day to day
watching sites leave, fail to pay, restrict cashouts etc.

Prize Clickers rewarded members for surfing/upgrading and
it looked like that was dead in the water. Clicking on a login
link to see another site gone or sold was getting old, fast.
Renewal of the PC domain came up and a decision had to be
made......I renewed it for 2 years. :)

PC may be different in the coming months and years but it
will still have the spirit of rewarding members.

Coming in the next weeks are

Update on Faucets(that will be first).
XP prizes to give(from 5th October).
Small updates to all the pages.

Please remember that if I am not active at CTP, FB, Twitter
or even on this blog....doesn't mean that I am not here. Just
drop me an email and you will always get an answer.

David. :)

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Winners for this weekend.

Birthday Update2 Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend.

Some prizes for you......

PIFe extra position ---> Garry T

1,000 Credits ---> Garry T - Monica W - Bud M - Celena B
CTP XP 20,000 ---> Kathy D - Inga O - Bud M
CTP XP 50,000 ---> Kerri F - Bidyut Y
CTP XP 100,000 ---> Norbert L - Michel S
CTP XP Wheel Spins 20 ---> Leone M

200 Batteries will be sent out this weekend, along with Prize Cards.

Want to be in with a chance at prizes? Click below.....

Have a great weekend everyone and good luck.

David. :)